25 Year Warranty on Product, Labor, & Power Production

5 Industry-leading Warranty

    We are one of few that stand by our entire solar system offering a full 3 part (Product, Labor, & Power) warranty for 25 years. We cover not only the Product but also the Servicing Labor and the Power Production.

  • When others say 25 years it's usually just for the power production alone, also our panels warranty power production at 92%; a considerably higher percentage than typical panels.

Read below why it is no wonder the panels we offer have a much greater warranty and production standard.

  • Rugged! Down underneath these hundreds of bricks is a SunPower® solar panel, supported only at its ends. With over 3,000 pounds of load, it flexes but is not broken or damaged in any way.
  • Total integration of all major components (panels, inverters, racking, monitoring) vs a hodgepodge of suppliers who may end up pointing fingers at each other instead of making you the priority.
  • Monitoring equipment warranted for 10 years; that’s 2x to 5x longer than anybody else (and 10x longer than virtually all other electronics warranties such as TV sets and computers).
  • Solar Panels, Micro-Inverters, and Racking warranted for 25 full years. Nobody else does that; others don’t pay for shipping or labor, which will cost you more than a “free” replacement component; and most only pay a pro-rated refund instead of giving you a new solar panel.

    Pitfalls of conventional solar warranties:

  • You pay to ship new panels
  • You pay to package and ship defective panels
  • You must present original physical proof of purchase
  • You must make claims in writing
  • You have a short time frame to make a claim
  • You pay the manufacturer a testing fee if they don’t find a defect