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Having followed the sun across the sky all day, this tracker faces directly at the sunset before going to sleep for the night.

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More solar energy from the same day.

Solar trackers are based on the simple principle that solar panels produce the most power when aimed directly at the sun. Our trackers squarely face the sun every hour of the day from dawn to dusk. In fact, our trackers can produce up to 45% more kWh of energy than an identical array on the south-facing roof of a house.

How it Works.

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  • A GPS unit (cover removed in photo) tells the adjustment mechanism exactly which way to point so that it is always perpendicular to the sun’s rays.
  • Every eight minutes or so, the hydraulic tilt control and robust directional bevel gear turn the array slightly. This uses only a tiny bit of electricity (about $12 per year).
  • In high winds or at night, the array lies down flat, out of harm’s way, then turns around at dawn and tilts up to greet the morning sun.
  • Remote controls allow the factory and dealer to diagnose and make any adjustments needed.
  • The monitoring system lets the customer see how much power the system is making every hour of every day.

Automatic Snow Dump Mode.

When winter comes, your tracker is smart enough to get rid of any snow that accumulates on it, even at night. During the day, the tilt angle in winter is steep enough to keep snow from gathering. But, what about at night, when it is lying flat?

Several times each night, the tracker tilts up steeply, dumping off any fallen snow, then turns 40 degrees and lies back down. By morning, there is a modest semicircular snow bank (rather than one large one) around the southern periphery. Any lingering film of snow is then melted off when the sun shines on the dark solar panels.

Click below to view a detailed document on:

Tracker "Snow Mode" Information

Tracker "Wind Hold" Information

Tracker "Cold Mode" Information

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Made in the USA by All Earth Renewables

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Vermont engineer David Blittersdorf started one of this nation’s most successful wind energy companies, NRG Systems, in 1982. Then in 2008, he designed the beautiful dual-axis trackers you see here. Located just east of Burlington, VT, his factory and team of designers and builders have manufactured over 5,000 trackers since then.

Top Guns!

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Of the approximately 140 All-Earth tracker dealers in the USA, less than a dozen are Premier. And, only one has been the best and most experienced residential dealer in the country: Lotus Solar! We work extra hard to earn the Factory’s trust and, most importantly, to earn yours!

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