4 Great Return On Investment

This is perhaps the biggest home improvement project you’ve done. Would you rather go with the cheapest solution or the best and most rewarding solution? Here are some things to consider.

SunPower delivers more power now and more power later. For the first 25 years, it will produce 75% more kWh of electricity than a similarly sized conventional system. Click to see production graph.

Longest expected life (40 years vs 25). But wait – there’s more! Most cheap solar panels (even those made by some big factories in China and elsewhere) will be lucky to survive 25 years. SunPower is expected to last more than 40 years. See our engineering paper on 40-Year Life.

Higher resale value. “Well”, you say, “40 years is nice but I will have sold the house by then.” Great, because there are usually kids or family that will then own it or even the folks you sell the house to. The better value continues even more so than conventional solar (see the Government Resale Study). Do you think that a buyer would prefer to buy a 20-year old cheap solar array that is nearing the end of its life or one which has been built with quality and beauty and will still deliver another 20 years of free electricity? Your house will sell much faster and for more money because of the free power.