1 Most Advanced Technology
  • Wouldn’t you prefer to get more power from your roof with fewer panels? With much longer life, more total kWh savings on your utility bill, and the peace of mind of the best warranty in the industry? There is not just a little difference between solar brands – there’s a LOT!
  • For starters, SunPower is the only one to have their electrical wires on the back instead of the front. Why is that important? Because only on the back can they prevent any shading of the PV cell, and also completely fill the backside with solid copper wires. These copper wires are thick and low resistance, which deliver module efficiency of over 22% instead of the 15-17% efficiency of conventional panels. Our SunPower panels deliver over 360 watts apiece, vs the most common conventional ones of only 260 watts.
  • For more details on why front-wires are a bad thing, read about our page on Beware The Wires .
  • The real world is filled with factors that are bad for conventional panels but have less effect on SunPower panels. Whether it’s heat, humidity, corrosion, or physical stress, SunPower is engineered to keep working for over 40 years.