This is a SunPower system.

2 Most Beautiful Solar Systems
  • Black frames and available 100% black panels for this gorgeous look.
  • We call it Equinox. Our system has 70% fewer visible components. No ugly protruding roof racking; no conduits running around on the top of your roof; no big space-hogging inverter. Read about Equinox here.
  • With solar panels this efficient, you’ll need fewer of them to offset 100% of your homes electric usage.

This white house system is NOT by SunPower!

  • It needs lots more space because it is much less efficient.
  • The panels have front-mounted wires, which reduce power and life expectancy.
  • The support racking sticks out from beneath the array.
  • Exposed conduits run hither and thither across the roof and down the walls.
  • A large inverter is needed, visible on the side wall in lower right.
  • Warranties are much shorter and are split among four different vendors.
3 Most Beautiful Solar Systems