Why Buy Solar in early 2019

  • This is the last year that people receive 30% of the solar project cost as an income tax credit /return from the US federal government. this means there will be a rush and flood of orders and there may be product shortages later in the year.
  • This is also the perfect time of year to install solar as the days are getting longer every day and the solar can generate and accrue extra kilowatt-hour credits using net metering, which can then be applied to the winter electric bills when days are shorter.
butterflySolar Why Buy Solar early in 2019
  • Prices are lower now than ever and all solar incentives are still in place. The NYSERDA NY-SUN rebate may run out of funding and drop to a lower level soon due to the flood of orders projected this Spring.
  • Our crews work right through the winter during the numerous days when the weather is suitable. This means that the early bird can get their solar now much more quickly than if they wait for the spring rush.
  • This even applies to solar arrays on the ground, whether they are ground mounts, pole mounts, or trackers. Just because the ground is frozen does not mean we have a problem. Our equipment can easily dig through the frost and get the system installed.
  • Solar works well even in the winter time. Although it won't work if there is 2 feet of snow on top of it, it usually clears more rapidly than the rest of a roof because the panels are dark and once they get even a corner exposed, the snow will start to slide off. The colder temperatures are actually beneficial, and a cold solar panel will actually generate more power than a hot one. Why wait to start getting the benefits of reduced electric bills and a better environment?