Solar Powered Residence Using Fixed Poles

"Even for my shady home, Lotus Solar helped me get out from under the thumb of the power monopoly.”
Bill Jurgens Mountain Road Greenwich, NY

“I was getting robbed by the power company. Actually, it was one of those ESCO (Energy Supply Company) suppliers that promises you green energy and lower rates. But when I wasn’t looking, they raised their rates to way higher than my neighbors were paying. My winter bills were over $500 per month. What could I do? These guys are a monopoly! I was really upset! “When the sales consultant from Lotus Solar first visited me, he pointed out the problem to me. He advised that, even if I didn’t go solar, I could save a third of my electric bill by getting rid of the ESCO. With that kind of honesty, I knew that Lotus would be a reputable company to do business with.
“The next problem was shade. My house is tucked up next to a mountain with lots of trees; I only get sunlight for a portion of the day. Again, Lotus had the solution. Their SunPower solar panels are the most powerful ones in the industry. So, even with my limited sunny roof space, they made the most power possible. They even included Squirrel Guard! “The Lotus construction crew was very professional, thorough, safe and neat. The foreman and his workers were personable and easy to talk with; they took the time to answer my questions and made me feel good about the whole process.
“This solar is great. Helping the environment to go green is a bonus, but the real benefit to me is the savings. With help from Lotus Solar, I’ll be able to cut my electric bill way down and get out from under the thumb of the power monopoly.”


— Bill Jurgens is Saving Over $ 2,393 a Year